Are you able to arrange for a Road Worthy Certificate?

All of our cars are inspected by our expert mechanics upon arrival however if you would like to arrange for a Road Worthy Certificate, this can be done at the buyers expense.

Am I able to come in for an inspection of the cars?

Yes, we are open from Monday to Friday, 8am – 5pm and Saturdays by appointment only. We highly recommend you call us first before coming in to inspect a car.

Are all the cars Left Hand Drive? Is it easy to drive?

Yes, all of the cars we import are Left Hand Drive. It is very easy to adapt to and perfectly legal for these cars. You don’t need any additional conversions done on them due to their age.

Can I get first option on new cars?

Yes you can. We have many cars that we are always importing, if you would like the first option to buy one of them before they arrive please call us to arrange.